Let’s discuss how important appearance is to prevail in this world, take an example of a job interview they usually think knowledge, skills, education and talent are some foremost important things to handle a job or grab the opportunity true my friend! But this truth is not complete as all these attributes come after how a person appears in the room? Definitely there are different school of thoughts which will not agree to this statement but, let’s be frank from a job interview to marriage everyone creates an impression of xyz person in his/her mind before he/she even speaks. So, appearance is worthy no matter what, how you carry yourself is a different topic but, what comes under the umbrella of appearance includes everything, way of talking, walking, dressing and above all a welcoming pleasant smile. Don’t you agree? Let’s take this discussion in detail, what if a person enters in the room with a straight face with no bright or suitable expression on the face? Okay now what if a person enters in the room smiling pleasantly? And imagine a person in entering in the room pleasantly smiling but with extremely pale teeth (don’t yuck!!!) its true yes! There are so many people in this world who are taking good care of their physique, their looks, their talk, their walk but they are not at all taking care of their tooth that is a game changing element in any impression.

Believe it or not? No one wants to even talk to a dirty person and no offence, unfortunately they get this idea very easily from the health of your gums, teeth and bad/good breath. Try to avoid the following things in order to maintain the healthy teeth and gums:

Betel nuts: a toxic which unfortunately has been invented, no idea why and for what purpose other than destroying the health of human’s mouth. Zero nutrition, zero protein, zero Carbs why we are having it then, paying money for our own destruction (that is a true translation of betel nuts)

Smoking: wow! Still don’t get it how can smoke, fumes are tasty. Zero taste, zero nutrition and still they are sucking this toxic for years and why say anything to the buyer, tobacco companies are flourishing day by day without any, any restriction and hassle (making money big time). But in short this fume coming inside the lungs is not only destroying the lungs but, firstly they are destroying the first impression badly and that’s teeth.

Vap a new fantastic invention used as an alternate of smoking, what if it is more harmful than a cigarette? Because in a normal cigarette a person is sucking burnt paper with tobacco, but in Vap no idea what they are consuming mixed with electricity and some artificially created taste (flavors). Here we are not criticizing anything just segmenting all the ingredients which are present there. People are not only spending money to burn their health or gums but overall personality ruining process is also going on with pleasure.. avoid it.