An ankle fracture is when a fracture takes place in one or more bones in your ankle. There are three main methods in which these fractures take place; a complete fracture where the whole bone has been separated into two parts, a partial fracture where only a part of it is broken and is not separated into two, and finally the fractures that might occur on both sides. Whichever situation that might occur, you need to be readily prepared to face it and get necessary treatment without delay with podiatrist at Wantirna. Do you know how to face such a situation? Look below, and you might find help.

Some pain killers could do the magic

Before going into any serious operations with your ankle, you will need to get rid of that pain. While it is not possible to get relief from the pain completely in such situations, there could be a few methods that have proven to be of help. These pain killers are not necessarily pills that you take but actions that can be taken to reduce pain. You can keep your foot in higher position than the knee at least for 4 hours during the day and apply an ice pack regularly. Medicine like Motrin and Advil can also help you at this time.

What needs to be done

You need to take yourself to an orthopaedic doctor or to a foot clinic that can help you with your situation. Whatever the fracture may be, he/she will be able to guide you on what to do next and whether you need surgery in order to get your ankle back to the same state it was before the accident occurred. Make sure not to put any weight on it or to give any pressure. Make sure to give your ankle the rest it deserves and try to avoid walking if possible.

The next step

While the ankle is being treated, your doctor at the heel clinic will instruct you on what to do next. You might be instructed to take a series of x-rays, ranging from 7 days to one month so that the progress can be examined. However, it will be a while till you can once again get back to your regular sports activities after the surgery as you will need rest.

Keep the doctor informed

Be it pre-surgery or post-surgery, you will most certainly need the help of your doctor. So when exactly should you contact him/her? Some patients experience severe pain in the process of healing and decide to get aid from the doctor while some simply get help for issues like damaged or lose splints. Take the necessary action when needed in order to completely heal yourself of the fracture.