The changing weather and upcoming festive cheer of Christmas also summon the arrival of season changes accompanied by associated illnesses. Workplaces are often the most affected due to seasonal and common illnesses as it affects the health of the staff. And since most common illnesses are easily transmitted it leads to major breakout in the office, thus leading to absence from work and invariably affecting the work load.

Ways to tackle common workplace illnesses

The ways to handle workplace illnesses and curb them, especially the common flu, is to administer yearly flu shots to the entire staff. The company can tie up with organizations that arrange for annual vaccinations, especially for corporate workplaces, organizations, businesses and government offices. Such yearly vaccinations are given keeping in mind the strains of viruses that are currently prevalent. Therefore the vaccine helps keep the common cold and flu at bay. To gain more knowledge when it comes to flu shots you can see this page for the details.

Apart from flu vaccinations there are other ways to handle common illnesses of the workplace and those include maintaining basic hygiene. This includes keeping a distance from the one suffering from cold and cough. Also, avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose frequently. Others must also frequently wash their hands. Frequently touched items such as doorknobs, computer keyboards, remotes and phones must be repeatedly disinfected.

Apart from these measures the sufferer must also take precautions. Firstly, they must take rest at home. If the symptoms are manageable they must avoid frequent contact with other staff members. If possible, the best solution for the sufferer would be to work from home whether via videoconferencing or phone or email. This will prevent the virus from spreading to others and not harm the work and associated targets.

Don’t ignore workplace illness and know about them

A few brave fellows try to ignore the symptoms and report to work either fearing leave from work or for being overly sincere and dedicated towards their work. But these so called ‘heroes’ who struggle and squint to even view the computer screen are the real culprits. That is because they are responsible for passing on the virus to everyone else in the workplace. The most common of these illnesses at work include common cold, influenza or flu, gastroenteritis, certain respiratory disorders, conjunctivitis and strep throat. There are a few other work place related disorders too, but those are not contagious. These include back pain, stress, musculoskeletal disorders, occupational asthma, upper limb disorders and occupational dermatitis. All these disorders are specific to certain type of work environment and not related to seasonal changes. Also, these are not common in a workplace.

In conclusion

Certain common illnesses at workplace, especially during seasonal changes, cannot be avoided. What can be done is to take precautions beforehand and be prepared for the situation.