Difference Between Gyne Obs

Going to the gyne obs is not something unusual for the women. The women witness multiple challenges all through their lives. It is for these problems that they often visit the specialised doctors who can manage to resolve the problems professionally. These doctors that deal with the female health problems are referred to as the gynaecologists or the obstetrics. People think that both of them do the same job but the situation is otherwise. Both of these might deal with the women but the nature of the job is absolutely different. Here are the few important points that make them stand apart from each other.


A pregnant woman requires a great deal of attention. She has specialized health needs and requirements. The pregnancy is a roller coaster ride. It is not easy to manage the challenges on your own. The obstetrics is the specialized doctor who helps in dealing with the pregnancy and the baby in the womb. The obstetrics is trained to cater to the needs of the women going through the pregnancy. It is this doctor who knows how to deal with the changes and to address the challenges associated with it. The various pregnancy-related challenges include post-pregnancy care, ectopic pregnancy, pre-delivery foetal diagnosis, complications during birth, infertility, high blood pressure and the pregnancy-related risks.


Gynaecologists are trained to deal with everything related to women except the challenges related to reproductive matters. These specialized doctors cater to the health needs of women whenever it is needed. The women can need the help of the best gynaecology in Grafton anytime. The help of the gyne specialist is required even when they are having a problem during the menopause duration and also when having problems related to sexual activity. There are some oncology gynaecologists too who can help in treating the various kinds of cancers. The gynaecologists are known for handling the following procedures according to the condition of the patient:

Labiaplasty is a kind of cosmetic surgery performed by the gynaecologist to correct the genitalia from the outside.

Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus in case of any related infection or cancerous development.

If the Pap test reveals something unusual happening in the cervix region then the gyne in Port Macquarie will perform the cone biopsy for checking the further growth of the precancerous cells by removing them.

The ovaries related problems are also addressed by the gynaecologists who would treat them surgically through a specialized surgery called Oophorectomy.

The other procedures on the job list of the gynaecologist are tubal ligation and the Salpingectomy.

The final words

It is these practices and procedures managed by the gynaecologists and obstetrics that make them stand apart from each other. It is because of these jobs done that they can be distinguished from each other.